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"...because I like your previous terminology...where you called it disruptive innovation...and now you call it empowering innovation" Mike Duke, CEO Walmart, said of Dr. Clayton Christensen at WEF Davos, 2013

Can you express yourself, your ideas effectively? And do you come across as the real you?

A gweek score tells you where you stand.


Gweek 60 seconds time We need 60 seconds of uninterupted, high quality audio/audio-visual signal, with a close-up of you/the speaker.

Gweek SIA 3 gweek100; uses SIA3, which tracks speech co-ordination, substance generation and extent of emotional connectivity.

Speech scoring  S1A3 calculates the speech score of each speech event. 

gweek Once we have 3x SIA 'speech' scores from you/the speaker, we can determine your gweek. Subsequent 'speech' scores are likely to move your gweek either up or down.

gweek100 Your gweek may qualify you for the global speech index. We are identifying and tracking the world's 100 most genuine communicators. Why can't it be you?

gweektracker campaign

  • UK Leadership

    UK Leadership

  • Vince Cable

    Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, UK

  • Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, British

  • Gavin Williamson

    Gavin Williamson, UK Secretary of the State for Defense, United Kingdom