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Keynote - Cathy Engelbert CAQ Speech, 22/2/2017

Cathy Engelbert
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Category: Business | Group: Customer | Uploaded: 15/08/2017


AVERAGE for business events

The speaker made her points EFFICIENTLY but NOT EASILY. She is MOSTLY showing us her GENUINE SELF.

The speaker made a lot of speech disfluencies during her speech, especially ums/ahs, suggesting that she found it difficult to deliver her ideas. However, she was quite good at combing several ideas together into a single utterance, and on 5 occasions coupled 2 ideas together in a single utterance. This is evidence of an efficient delivery of ideas. Her consistent downward eye movements indicate that she's referring to some sort of script, but she did a good job of not reading from it. Nevertheless, her frequent reference to her script may hinder bonding between listeners and herself.

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