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Our Philosophy

We’re prepared to be the objective, beyond bias voice in a highly subjective domain. We’re willing to challenge the conventional wisdom of decades, perhaps centuries.

gweek is about chat, just as much as keynotes. We don’t distinguish between social and so-called professional communication. gweek is about how humans connect; how we use communication to make decisions about one another. Every single day.

Executive team

James Bryce James Bryce, CEO and Founder
A speech and communication behavioral analyst with 15 years industry experience. A pioneer in the quantified workplace movement and architect of Speech Intelligence Analytics™. James has over 10,000 field hours in analysis and advisory.
Faith Malmer Faith Malmer, Communications Officer
A communications professional, journalist and editor with Swedish-Singaporean roots. Speaks French, German and Luxembourgish. Faith heads our Speech Technician Team.
David Lazar David Lazar, CTO
gweek’s technology master with over 10 years experience in application development - web, mobile, front and back end. Integrating the many technical stacks that make up our complex analytics environment, from database to machine learning.
Casper Hui Casper Hui, Speech Technician & Researcher
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was also a Research Assistant at the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages.
Ken Siu Ken Siu, Developer
A developer with a passion for mobile technology and UI UX design. Appreciates and tries to write elegant code. Likes to think outside the box. Table tennis talent.
Jason Leung Jason Leung, Developer
Focuses on creating responsive, compelling websites that deliver great user experience. Has a keen interest in data visualization. Weekend bouldering enthusiast.

Advisory board

Tan Lee Tan Lee, BSc, MPhil, PhD
Professor Tan Lee is Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning advisor to gweek. Member IEEE, Member ISCA.
Diana Footitt Diana Footitt
CEO, Artemis Associates. Diana has guided the public relations strategy on some of the highest profile situations in Asia. A Chartered Accountant at Price Waterhouse and former investment banker. Diana is on the education committee at Harrow International School.
Junaid Shah Junaid Shah, CFA
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley. Junaid heads up the Corporate Equity & Structured Finance business for Morgan Stanley across Asia Pacific.